Three days in Krakow
Three days in Krakow

Tourists are often forced to spend a couple of hours in a place where they should spend an entire week, or three days in a city that would take months to really become ac­quainted with. In such cases, visi­tors rely on the advice of random people or hurriedly browse through guide books, because all of them, even those bearing the title “One Weekend in …” frequently have fewer than one hundred pages of fine print. Therefore, travellers try to “make time stop” by taking pho­tos or video, and they twist and turn in haste to see the most important things even from a distance. Such sightseeing leaves blurred, foggy memories maimed by tired­ness and a feeling of insufficiency.

Therefore, we have prepared this leaflet for persons visiting our city. We cannot promise that visitors who make use of it will be able to experience Krakow in depth over the course of three days. Tourists have a lot to see: numerous monu­ments that make up the historical tissue of the city, a rich artistic and cultural life, a magical atmosphere creating numerous opportunities both for inhabitants and visitors to slow down, stand still and take a look… At the same time, Krakow may be the only city among all the well-known cultural centers where even a short visit may provide nu­merous sensations and a feeling of complete, genuine satisfaction.

This is what we would like to offer you - a look at Krakow which will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the city, at time leisurely, some­times full of events, but always unique. Therefore, let us try to take a look at Krakow together, to see how three days could be spent here in the best way - and let us discover reasons to return again.

Walk 1: Main Market Square

Walk 2: The Old City

Walk 3: The Wawel Castle

Walk 4: Kazimierz

Walk 5: Podgórze

Walk 6: Nowa Huta

Walk 7: Former Krakow Fortresses

Walk 8: From a slightly different angle…

News date: 2012-06-04
News author: Sebastian Nowak
News Publisher: MOBI EN